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Friday, January 19th, 2018     


News Release

Eviction Protection Ballot Initiative Wins Strong Support From SF Mayoral Candidates


The No Eviction Without Representation Initiative, a ballot measure headed for the June 2018 ballot, was officially endorsed this week by four of the eight candidates running for San Francisco Mayor on the same ballot.  Candidates Jane Kim, Mark Leno, Angela Alioto, and Amy Farah Weiss all responded to a request this week and agreed to officially endorse the initiative.  Candidates London Breed, Richie Greenberg, Michelle Bravo, and Ellen Lee Zhou declined to endorse the initiative.


“The next Mayor of San Francisco must take bold action to stop the epidemic of evictions that has forced so many people out and decimated San Francisco for years,” said initiative proponent and tenant advocate Dean Preston.  “We applaud the four candidates who have chosen to take a strong stand on the side of renters by endorsing the No Eviction Without Representation Initiative.”


If it is approved by voters, the No Eviction Without Representation Initiative will provide a right to counsel for tenants facing eviction from their home.  Currently, in eviction proceedings in San Francisco, most tenants have no legal representation.  New York City passed the nation’s first tenant right-to-counsel law in the summer of 2016.  If voters approve the No Eviction Without Representation Initiative on the June 5 ballot, San Francisco will become the second city in the nation, and the first in California, to guarantee a right to counsel to tenants facing eviction from their home.


The initiative is backed by a growing coalition of labor, tenant, and community organizations including the United Educators of SF, the Coalition on Homelessness, UNITE HERE Local 2, the NYC Right To Counsel Coalition, the San Francisco Tenants Union, Democratic Socialists of America, and Housing Rights Committee of SF. Supporters have already collected thousands of petition signatures and will soon turn in the signatures necessary to officially qualify the No Eviction Without Representation Initiative for the June 5, 2018 ballot.


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